Els Onsen o Banys Termals

By in 2006 Japó, Viatges i escapades on July 5, 2006

Això é un habit molt estes, sembla ser, al Japó, i a tot arreu hi ha sorgents termals….per la muntanya pero també a les ciutats…..

Estaria be allotjar-nos en un Onsen ryokan….

Onsen Ryokan

The ultimate hot spring experience is spending a night at an onsen ryokan, a Japanese style inn with hot spring baths. This is not only one of the most popular holiday activities among the Japanese, but is also highly recommended to any foreign visitor of Japan.

Onsen ryokan are found in various sizes in hot spring resorts across Japan. A typical onsen ryokan visit starts with a bath before dinner. The beautifully arranged Japanese style dinner, featuring local specialties, is either served in your tatami room or in a dining hall. Many guests like to take another bath before sleeping and before breakfast in the next morning.

You do not need to stay overnight at a ryokan in order to enjoy its baths. Many ryokan open their baths to the general public, typically during daytime only and against an admission fee of a few hundred yen. Besides ryokan, most hot spring resorts also have some public bath houses with hot spring water.



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