By in Pensaments Anna, Suecia on January 17, 2007

He observat certes curioses coincidencies entre l’idioma suec i el català i l’italià…

Obviament al suec hi ha molts termes d’origen germànic amb coincidencies amb l’alemany i l’angles, molts de origen anglosaxó, i moltissims termes de origen llati amb coincidencia directa a tots els idiomes (p.ex. studera..) , i a més tots els termes agafats del frances per “sofisticar-se”…

Tambe seria interessant senyalar les de origen viking que ha exportat als altres ( p.ex.husband)…

Les que em fan gracia són les coincidencies amb el català !! i amb l’italià!! i en paraules que no siguin les típiques del llatí (information,presentera,problem,kandidat,discutera….): p.exemple, no és curios que boli es digui identic en italià i en suec ? “PENNA”

També em fa gracia que pronuncien les dobles igual, o sigui molt marcades…

Crec que les aniré recopilant en aquest apartat:


sovar = sovar

jag = jo

massa = massa [molt]

bråkar (brokar) = bronca


bra = bravo

fy fan = vaffan..!! [cosa que diue la gent quan d’enfada “fiffan” o “vaffan”]
åtta = otto

tre = tre

penna = penna [boli]
tårta = torta [pastís]

stall =  stalla [cuadra, estable]

desperat = disperato [desesperado]


Alguna cosa a dir?

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12 thoughts on “caSuequitats

  1. 2

    pero tita i titta no volen dir el mateix…
    la recopilaccio seria de paraules identiques, que es pronunciin identicament, i que volen dir el mateix o s’utilitzen el mateix sentit ( exceptuant les tipiques paraules de origen llati : studera, information, problem,..)

  2. 3

    I can’t hear annhtiyg over the sound of how awesome this article is.

  3. 4

    Não gosto do Barrichello e nem de muitas de suas atitudes. Mas pedira para ele sair do carro com toda a calma possível naquela hora… Nem dá. Eu acho que teria feito o mesmo. Tanto pelos motivos que ele explanou quanto pela frustração que imagino deva ter sentido por deixar a prova.

  4. 5

    That’s a brilliant answer to an interesting question

  5. 6

    Lydia, my kids and I are reading 1984. Calvinists are particularly good at Newspeak. Those words don’t mean what we always thought they meant and further the history that you’ve experienced for the last 10 years is wrong. You haven’t experienced, seen what you think you’ve seen since it’s all being rewritten.

  6. 7

    By doesn't store well – what do you mean? One day? Three days? Can you can it? Freeze it? I will try to adapt the recipe to make with my Thermomix. BRILLIANT. Who wouldn't want to make their own. The question of your friend or reader is my question, too. I have asked it more than a few times and am so so so so so so appreciative of this recipe. Of course, I love your beautiful site and many other recipes, too!… but, this is singing my song today!:)Valerie

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  8. 9

    Hey Kim~I've missed your blogging. Good to see/read a post from you today.I too enjoy all the blogs you've listed.Question….what tool/format did you use to create your blog header?

  9. 10

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