By in Fotos on January 20, 2009

Em va agradar molt, no m’ho esperava; i de fet tinc 1 flash sovint : l’ambient nocturn , al bar restaurant a on vam sopar, el “Tryst” (coffehouse,bar,lounge), jo prenia la meva sopa dels antojos de embarasada…, estava ple de jovent en diferents actituds…..prenent algo, sopant,xerrant,amb els portatils… recordo que vaig estar “espiant” una noia que escribia i esborraba al seu portatil asseguda a un dels sofas….ara que se que qui escriu els discursos a l’Obama és un noi de 27 anys….se m’ha ficat a cap que aquella noia pot ser era de l’equip….
tota la explanada de washington és impressionant, sobre tot escenografic…, i veient-la ara per la tele s’enten pq esta pensada així…..

m’agradaria ser allí….és certament un moment històric


Alguna cosa a dir?

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8 thoughts on “Washington

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    Imagine how different the hirtsoy of the world would have been if these technologies were available during the last century……Imagine The Internet, The Web, Video Sharing and Web 2.0 existing around the world during World War 2 and onwards…..So many potential tragedies could have been prevented as they were caught and responded to in the earliest stagies

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    That’s really thinking at a high level

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    I’ve been looking for a post like this for an age

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    JoyI think that this wedding is awesome! Negative posters are either jealous, care too much what others think or maybe have lost someone they love. Sincerely attempt to love others & who knows, maybe someday you will have the wedding/life/joy of your dreams come true!

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    Why I should win – I could really use an iPad 2 to help maximize my eBay company! Which will further help the economy! Help small business help expand America which will in result help the world! – Alex

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    It’s a real pleasure to find someone who can think like that

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    It could be worse for you. YOU could be your kid. How would it feel to have a father who doesn’t love you and thinks $ 300 a month to feed, clothe and shelter you was too much! (And your father is a felon besides.) If you had not fathered a child, you would not be in this fix. But you have a son. Do you know how many men would give their right arm to have a son? You are very selfish. You should pay to support your child AND visit him.

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    Just off the top of my head, I think Helen Gurley Brown got more press because she was, well, flashier. Or better at getting press. And I’m glad you’re here, Leftover, because it wouldn’t be a blog without you here. I don’t remember blogging when you weren’t around, and I don’t intend to start now.

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