Brescia-Garda 2010

By in Fotos, Viatges i escapades on March 31, 2010

4 dies visitant la familia al nord d’Itàlia



Alguna cosa a dir?

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4 thoughts on “Brescia-Garda 2010

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    I couldn’t find aywrhene else to do it so heres my comment..I think it would be a great idea to add a “select all box” feature in the favorites category that could be used when choosing to remove videos or putting videos in a playlist

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    I ain’t got much sympathy for the dude. With that kinda money, he should be able to cheat and keep it out of the press. The problem is it looks like he wanted more than just good sex with these women.

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    I graduated in the bottom 10% of my graduating class. I got out of high school, went in the USAF, got out of the military, then went to college. I work side-by-side with the people that graduated in the top 10% of my graduating class. So, as for high school GPA… piss on it. It’s worthless.  Chad

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    No wonder you always have such beautiful voice~~PS: It is really very cold in China.The temperature is below zero now in my hometown Jiangsu Province.And it has snowed several times here.Take care of yourself~~

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