snorkelling al mar roig

By on June 27, 2007

Alguna cosa a dir?

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    Exposing Corruption,Judges,Cops & more!I was a public aeccss tv show host ,investigative journalist , for years in two states. I repeatedly expressed concerns about a coordinator in the Cox cable studio,Dan Davidson making inappropriate remarks,sexual,threatening & drug material there as well. No one cared. Later RI PBS took over they were again called by many parties about: Dan threatening producers,attacking a reporter with anti-semitic remarks ,arguing at town meetings while filming meetings for tv. Well Cox canceled my show & were steadfast loyal to Dan. Later Dan went here on youtube & put up videos against me ,I’m 60 yrs ,calling me a variety of names ,town councilor & newspaper. Then he posted another with the mug shot of the guy that murdered my son and repeatedly told me to get ready to die.Warrants went to youtube. He was arrested , cyberstalking. Later they found child porn on his computer. arrested again. Then a few wks ago he went after a councilman at town meeting , FINALLY FIRED. Years on end newspaper would write about his misdeeds but Cox kept him ,ultimately to their shame !Strange one of the videos he made against me is still up he gave it to another also posting videos against me ,cops, warrants ip address revealed ,who I have been investigating. He did that whereas he was told not to harass me,directly,indirectly or 3rd party. I believe the last applies in this case. Unfortunately after calling youtube, google many times they fell through on their promises to remove the videos he posted against me until warrants were served then they removed the one with the murderer of my son & threats against me. Youtube didn’t follow their own rules,police stated co. is complicent in this case. They found cooperation was difficult with youtube . I posted a newscast on matter & you won’t believe it Dan contacted company complaining he didn’t want info. on youtube! But he can attack,threaten ,demean,stalk & harass. He has called newspapers ,tv stations, blogs screaming they better shut their mouths or else!! Click on and see!

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    That does make sense, thanks. You know what would be cool? If AdWords ACE (experiments) would allow users to set up split-tests between 2 campaigns, and we’d have the ability to test different approaches – like the SKAG approach – on campaign performance.

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    Voor de lezers die bij deze superavond aanwezig waren: ik ben vergeten mijn email adres achter te laten voor de wijnlijst en verkooppunten. Heeft iemand deze misschien voor mij?Alvast enorm bedankt!Corinne

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    Hey Chris, ich bin armer Azubi der sein Gehalt meist mit 2-3 Monaten verspätung bekommt. Ich kann mir keine Spiele für 17€ leisten

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    What a wonderful post and perfect timing as it is time for me to make my mammogram appointment. I turn into a nervous nutcase over that appointment, as my mother had breast cancer, is a survivor, but I just dread that I may hear the same news someday. I always think I am alone in my thinking the way I do and the worry and just hearing I am not alone I feel so much better! Thanks for helping me today and I am going to go pick up the phone and make that appointment!Thank you!

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    Me gusta que entre todos intentemos desnarcotizar y desnarcotizarnos de una economía del bienestar que no ha generado bienestar. Sin duda proyectos empresariales de Internet y demás, como los que has mencionado y otros (como los comparadores bancarios) son una punta de lanza. No suficiente, pero si necesaria para crear empleo y riqueza. Y en último extremo bienestar, que para ello se crea riqueza.Vota el comentario: 0  0

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