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Premi Rhinomer a la Lactància Materna i la Mar

By in Formentera, Fotos, Olivia, Publicades on July 5, 2011

Premi Rhinomer "Lactància Materna i la Mar"
Hem rebut el premi Rhinomer a la Lactància Materna i la Mar amb aquesta foto feta el juny del 2008 a Cal Rafalet d’Es Caló, a Formentera, quan l’Olivia tenia 2,5 mesos. Cal dir que enguany, 3 anys desprès, encara pren llet materna i encara anem al Rafalet a sopar i veure la posta de sol un cop a l’any, ara fa pocs dies.

No varemm poder asistir a l’entrega i ens han enviat el premi, regals per la nena, llibres i un taló de 200€.

Gràcies Dénia!


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6 thoughts on “Premi Rhinomer a la Lactància Materna i la Mar

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    I liked the finale, just not sure that I loved it. But it left a lot of qenitsous to be resolved, even beyond the Olivia swap.I would like to see what the machine was. Who made this? was this the machine Walter made and discussed in season 1? and why was it specific to Peter? and assuming Peter and Olivinate hook up now that they are back, how is Peter going to feel going from sexy and outgoing Olivinate to the uptight emotion frozen Olivia when they swap back?Is that considered cheating? (ok just having some fun there) But it is a way to have the relationship happen, without it being all happiness. imo usually when a show finally breaks that sexual tension between two characters, the show goes down hill almost every time. This way we got a bit of it, but when she comes back, there will be that uncertainty Olivia has that Peter liked Olivinate better. In your guys opinion, does John Nobel get an emmy nod this year? maybe even a win? he’s been great, but it will be tough competition with it being Lost’s final season, and with Mad Men and Breaking Bad being so critically acclaimed.

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    It’s almost impossible to watch the 2004 AL Playoffs, game 4, Mariano Rivera vs. Dave Roberts battle without concluding that the baserunner distracted the pitcher. Then again, same duo, in game 5. (Nicely captured by ESPN’s 30 for 30, Four Days in October.) I’m with Tony, above, I wouldn’t change anything.

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