xmas 2013

By in Eventos, Fotos on December 21, 2012

Bon Nadal i feliç any nou :: Buon Natale e felice anno :: God Jul och Gott Nytt År


Alguna cosa a dir?

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4 thoughts on “xmas 2013

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    That’s a subtle way of thniknig about it.

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    Juhuu Therese, ganz supertolle Karte, gefällt mir sehr gut – muss ich unbedingt auch mal testen – allerdings bei mir mit Hund *kicher*!!Ganz a schöna Tag wünsch i Diar!!LG Bea

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    Chester,You seem like a conscientious guy, but your views are so diametrically opposed to those of the writers and readers of this blog, I have to wonder why you comment here. You have every right, of course, and I don’t think the NEP folks would filter or censor you without reason. But seriously, aren’t we wasting each other’s time? If I seem as clueless to you as you seem to me, is either of us likely to profit from the exchange?Just asking…

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    Just wanted to say we have been and will continue to pray for you guys! Sorry to hear about the setback, but I know God will bring you guys through this. Love you guys!

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