Roda eléctrica

By in Medi Ambient, Tecnologia on December 10, 2013

La rueda es capaz de captar energía cuando frenas y pedaleas y la almacena para cuando la necesites, ofreciéndote un impulso extra o una asistencia al pedaleo. Al mismo tiempo, la rueda recopila información sobre la calidad del aire, contaminación, ruido, congestión del tráfico o estado de las carreteras y te la muestra en tu smartphone.


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    I am sure at this point you won’t believe me bsuacee you do not feel good. But the flu injection is NOT a live virus. They are NOT giving you any of the flu itself even in the smallest doses. The flu mist is a live virus. I am sure if you went and had a nasal swab you would find out that you did not have the actual flu virus. It is not to say that you did not pick up a virus you may have gotten it in the Dr. office even..but not from the flu shot. But it actually takes the flu shot a couple of weeks to give you full immunization against the flu. Years ago the flu shot was a live virus but it hasn’t been for years.(I am a peds nurse I give out this info to parents all the time.)I am sorry you feel so yucky!![]

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